Miami Divorce Attorney


What is a Divorce?  It is a legal dissolution of a marriage to terminate a relationship by ending the marriage before the death of either spouse.

Before filing for a divorce in Florida two requirements have to be met.

  1. Since Florida is a no-fault divorce state, the only ground needed to obtain a divorce is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken.” It can’t be fixed or put back together.
  2. Further, one of the parties to the marriage must have resided in the State of Florida for six months before filing the petition for dissolution of marriage.

I am focused on helping my clients resolve divorce disputes through mediation. The advantages of mediation include: it is voluntary and non-binding; the parties control the scheduling and can expedite resolutions, if desired; the process may be less stressful than a trial or other court hearing; and mediation is generally more cost-effective than contested litigation.

The circumstances of every divorce are unique. It is always in your best interest to retain an experienced South Florida divorce lawyer like myself, who is sensitive to your situation and needs. After gaining an understanding of your objectives and performing a thorough investigation of the relevant facts I will be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your position. We will work together so you will be able to develop reasonable goals and a strategy calculated to succeed in obtaining the best possible resolution of your divorce or related matters.

If matters cannot be resolved through mediation I have the knowledge, the expertise and supporting staff to litigate all matters before the trial judge.


Simply stated, marital property includes:

  1. Assets that were acquired during the course of the marriage, individually by either spouse or jointly by them;
  2. The enhancement in value and appreciation of nonmarital assets resulting either from the efforts of either party during the marriage;
  3. Gifts that either party gave to the other during the course of the marriage; and
  4. All vested and non-vested benefits accrued during the marriage in programs of retirement, pension, profit sharing, etc.

Marital liabilities are those which were incurred by either party during the course of the marriage.