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Andrew H. Boros, Esq.
Attorney at Law
2333 Brickell Avenue
Suite A-1
Miami, Florida 33129
Phone: (305) 854-8689




Paternity rights and responsibilities are the same for unmarried couples as they are for married couples.

There are several ways to establish paternity of a child:

  1. The primary method is to name the father on the birth certificate at the time of the child's birth.
  2. However, paternity can also be established by DNA testing and then through adjudication by the court.

I have helped many unwed parents establish legal paternity for children born out of wedlock.

When unwed couples separate, or there is a single parent, both couples have the same responsibility to their children as married couples who divorce. Both parents are financially responsible through payment of child support for the child's well-being until the child is eighteen years old or otherwise emancipated. I have extensive experience helping people establish paternity and then helping them obtain child support, child custody, and visitation rights.

Since paternity is a very sensitive issue, I attempt to negotiate a favorable outcome for my client. The negotiation is handled in an appropriate, respectful and private manner whenever possible.

You can contact me for a confidential consultation at (305) 854-8689 or you may contact me via E-mail

Paternity is a very sensitive issue, I attempt to negotiate a favorable outcome for my client. Contact Andrew Boros to learn how an accomplished Paternity Lawyer can help you.

Contact Andrew Boros at (305) 854-8689
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